Bearded dragons are glorious pets for many who love reptiles. Deciding on bearded dragon meals is simple as a result of these omnivorous reptiles will eat each greens and reside meals (bugs). They may devour a mix of each for his or her complete life, nonetheless as they develop in measurement the ratio of greens to bugs will change. When the beardie is younger it should devour largely reside meals. That is an lively interval for the dragon and it’ll regular enhance its measurement for the primary 1-2 years of its life. Because the lizard grows older its eating regimen will regular enhance in greens and reduce in reside meals.

Bearded Dragon Dietary supplements

With a view to present your bearded lizard with the proper diet, nutritional vitamins and calcium powders will often should be utilized to the meals that’s eaten. That is completed by dusting their meals utilizing a high-quality powdered complement. The consumption of calcium is extraordinarily vital as with out it they’ll turn into vulnerable to metabolic bone illness. The complement powder can simply be utilized to bugs by putting them in a bag and shaking them Shaving Cream & Beard Comb+Beard┬áB078N1DBY9.


This can be very vital that you simply additionally supply your dragon a wide range of greens. A eating regimen which has many variations of veggies implies that your pet will probably be receiving a large cross part of nutritional vitamins and vitamins. There are particular types of greens that could be wealthy in sure nutritional vitamins however missing in others. Bearded dragon meals ought to consist primarily of inexperienced leafy greens together with kale, mustard greens, collard greens and dandelions. Greens needs to be offered each day in your dragon all through their complete life time. These base greens also needs to be dietary supplements with different types of greens akin to peppers, carrots, and beans. It’s essential to sufficiently chop all of the greens that you simply feed your pet it will forestall them from choking on it. A rule to recollect is that no matter you’re feeding your beardie shouldn’t be bigger than the area that’s positioned between their eyes.


A younger dragon needs to be bugs each day, however solely give them the quantity that’s mandatory for one feeding this implies there needs to be no leftovers. Bugs that your beardie has not eaten needs to be faraway from the enclosure as they could nibble on the delicate areas of your beardie because it sleeps. Listed below are some widespread insect that bearded dragons will eat these embody Mealworms, crickets, roaches, superworms. Pet shops often supply freeze dried or preserved bugs nonetheless it is all the time finest to feed them on reside meals.

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