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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

The September Sessions


As we ease into August, and the ‘height’ of the British summer many windsurfers are heading further afield in search of warmer and windier climes. September marks the return of many a pro sailor, as well as the end of the holiday season however for windsurfers in the UK September is a jam packed month with weekend after weekend of fun on and off the water. 


National Windsurfing and SUP Festival.

3rd - 4th September. 

Hayling Island. 


NWF has firmly set itself as the must attend event in the windsurfing calendar, and this year NSUPF will run alongside this. 


The weekend is £40 which includes the below, plus much more:


Master Blasters - fun, easy racing in two fleets, one for experienced and one for first time racers. 


Clinics - from Ant Baker, Peter Hart, Sam Ross, Simon Bornhoft, Jim Collis, Jem Hall, SUP tasters and of course we will be there with the FLOW zone.


Trade show - check out all the latest toys. 


Spartan Hawaiian Themed Party - enough said...


There has been a great contingent of women entering for the last couple of years, and a lot more women around for the weekend, NWF is a fantastic weekend for any waterwoman no matter how experienced.


For 2011 our aim is to encourage MORE WOMEN TO ENTER!!!


Many women around for the weekend, or those thinking of attending are put off because they do not think they are at a high enough level to race. This is rubbish! 


If you can:


Windsurf along on the sea (in or out of the straps, able to keep upwind)




Turn around in some way (whether it be, tacking, gybing or the jump in and swim it round technique)




I am sure many women believe you need to be pulling off full planing carve gybes to enter, but this is not true, I guarantee that most of the men cannot do this. You also do not need slalom gear, your normal windsurfing gear, whatever you are comfortable on is the best kit to use, ideally covering lighter and stronger winds. 


‘I entered my first slalom (full on slalom, not a master blaster!) aged 12, if I remember correctly I was the youngest female competitor by about 5 years, could not uphaul the ‘heavy’ 3.2m sail I was kindly given to use, could just about tack, and although was comfortable planing and in the straps, stopping/slowing down/turning was definitely not mastered at all!


Although being exceptionally keen to race I was also very nervous, scared and sure I would be laughed at for falling in at every mark. I could not have been more wrong, I received nothing but encouragement and support from everyone.’ 


So my advice to any women contemplating coming along, is DO IT!


And any of those not sure whether or not to enter, DO IT!


As previously mentioned FLOW will be on hand all weekend, with chocolate brownies, some technique tips and the obligatory girl chat session. 


For any of those entered but apprehensive we will run a girls briefing after the initial one, as well as help and advice on:





rules of the road

going faster

anything else!


For all the info on the event head to 

or the FB group 

and get involved. 



Click here for more from FLOW on NWF 2010 



9th - 11th September. 



The south coasts biggest action sports festival returns for 2011, bigger and better than ever with windsurfing, SUP, wakeboarding, etc shows, demos, clinics and competitions it is a fantastic weekend for any waterwoman. This top stop on the UKWA freestyle tour r including eye catching wakeboard shows is sure to lure many along, a few of whom I am sure will also pop along to the legendary saturday night party, this years Rubix Cube theme could lead to an interesting night!



Stithians Diva Weekend

17th - 18th September. 

Stithians Lake, Cornwall. 


After last years successful Diva weekend Stithians Lake, and the South West Lakes Trust are holding another relaxed coaching weekend just for the ladies. 


The event will take place on the 17th and 18th of September and include windsurf and sup coaching and demos, as well as some yoga, a BBQ and a spot of good old fashioned camping. This year the weekend will also be supported by FLOW, with Amy Carter, the lady behind the women’s watersports group being one of the coaches and passing on her knowledge of the sport alongside Jules Slack and Marie Buchanan.


Click here for full info on the Stithians Diva Weekend  



Scottish Windfest

17th - 18th September.



Set in one of the most popular scottish watersports locations the Scottish Windfest is due to reset the balance, and providing a fantastic event away from the south coast of England. FLOW would love to be up there, but unfortunately cannot be in two places at once, we would thoroughly recommend any waterwomen, especially those slightly further north to head on up.


Holly Kennedy: Scottish Windfest Ambassador tells us more  




Go with the FLOW: For Female Cancer Care. 

24th September. 

Hove Lagoon, East Sussex. 


We finish up a very busy September with Go with the FLOW: For Female Cancer Care, the first womens only watersports festival in aid of charity, with entry already filling up for the Learn To sessions it is set to be a fantastic day for waterwomen of all levels.


Click here for full info on Go with the FLOW: For Female Cancer Care