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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Nalu Beads Competition WINNER


Congratulations Chloe Bennett! You are the winner of a set of Nalu Beads! 


We loved your photo, but more importantly the story behind the photo was truly inspirational. Fantastic effort from yourself and Kate, looks like you both had a lot of fun at the Rutland marathon, bringing something new to a great race, raising money for charity, and hopefully encouraging other girls to give racing a go too!


The set of beads is winging its way to you, and as a special treat we have also included a single bead for Kate too. 


Next competition up and running very soon! 


We found out a little more from Chloe about the story behind the photo:



Two Blondes on a Board


Who: Kate Strange – GBR-84


Years windsurfing: 9 years


How I got into it: My brother and my dad started to do windsurfing lessons and it looked fun so I thought I would have a go, so I got involved with   Team15 at Croft Farm Leisure.


Past and Present: At the moment I am a member of the RYA Volvo National Youth Squad on the RS:X (the windsurfing Olympic class kit) and have been on this board for 4 years now, and still really enjoying the racing as well as the social side to the sport. Most weekends I am either competing on the  UKWA racing circuit or training. Both of which have given me the opportunity to make loads of new friends and have fun. Now I windsurf all over the place from Weymouth to places abroad like Poland. After working my way up through the system from Team 15 to the RYA’s Junior Zone and National Squads, I eventually got selected into the  RYA Volvo National Youth Squad, where I am one of three girls in a squad of eleven people. Being part of the National Squad, I have had the opportunity to compete at International competitions that were held in places like Cyprus, Poland, Sicily, France and Spain, all of which I was racing against other people in Neilpryde RS:X Youth fleet. In the future I hope to carry on racing the RS:X as well as competing in other disciplines of the sport. But most of all, I would like to see myself in years to come still having fun and enjoying the great sport of windsurfing.



Who: Chloe Bennett – GBR-638


Years windsurfing: 8 years


How I got into it: Me and my family used to go to Rother Valley Country Park quite often and used to see people out windsurfing all the time. My dad started and I just wanted to give it a go. Upon my first go, I ended up hooked, windsurfing with the Team15 Club there.


Past and Present: I started off at Rother Valley Country Park as a member of the Team15 club there, but moved to the  Team15 at Pugneys Country Park as it was closer to us. This is where I learnt more about the RYA and the Squads available to me at junior level. I got into the RYA North & West Zone Squad on the Techno kit and really enjoyed being part of this squad. Quite a few girls camps were held during my time at junior level, which I found really beneficial as a young girl who hadn’t done the sport for long. There was a really chilled atmosphere and it was all about improving whilst having fun. The coaches were always really helpful and supportive. I then went into the RYA Junior National Squad and Youth Transitional before finally getting into the RYA Volvo National Youth Squad. Throughout this time I got to travel to a variety of venues for training and competitions, which I really enjoyed. In February 2011 I decided to take a break from the Youth Squad to give me the opportunity to focus fully on my education, and I now do coaching and help out at the UKWA events on the committee boat. In the future I just want to still be enjoying this brilliant sport as much as I did 8 years ago and as much as I do now, as well as travel more and go to Dahab to do some freestyle and wave-sailing clinics.


Girl Participation

Since we both started windsurfing, we have seen an increase of girls participating in the sport, which is a really good thing, as it gives you more competition as well as more friends. We both think more girls should get involved and try windsurfing because it’s so fun and you get to meet loads of great new people. With windsurfing you can travel to places that you would never of thought of, always trying new experiences and developing your social skills along the way. No matter how much of a girly-girl you are, its still brilliant fun and should always been seen as that. 



The Rutland Marathon: has been running for 25 years and it is a race that consists of one big start of all the competitors and you race around the whole lake, Rutland water, and it is approximately 17miles to get around. The marathon is a charity race and we raise money for Action for Children and the UK Windsurfing Association  UKWA). This year we decided to race the marathon on Saturday 11th June on the Gemini for a bit of fun really. We’ve never been on one before but thought it would be something new and a challenge for the day. The board was brand new courtesy of Dave Hackford who works for the Starboard-Tushingham Team.

On the day of the race, we had blue skies with few clouds and a wind speed of around 6-7knots. We had a brief practice beforehand so we could get sorted, learn how to tack and gybe, and then we came on land to get in our specially made outfits for the race.

When we actually went out for the race the wind had picked up to around 15 knots gusting up to 20knots – we could tell that it was going to be a fun ride right from the start. The whole race on the tandem was awesome and it required good skill, co-ordination and teamwork. We had to be really in sync with each other but still had a good laugh all the way around, even when we were screaming downwind whilst going at what felt like such a high speed.

Apparently the safety crew had a bit of fun too. As we were racing they were reporting on how we were doing and who was in front, despite the fact we didn’t actually change places during the racing. We had to carefully sail through a dingy course were someone on the committee boat shouted “Hurry up, she’s catching you!” All in all, it was a great and fun experience and we have already booked it ready for next year’s marathon. Bring on 2012…