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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Battle of the Hunks: George vs Muzza


























Here it is, the long awaited return of Hunk of the Month, but now with a twist. Flow presents Battle of the Hunks, where each month two tasty watermen put their hearts in your hands, letting you know what makes them tick and then chose your favorite. The winner then stays on to take on the next challenger.


To kick things off we have two of the UK’s finest windsurfers, the best of friends these Tushingham/Starboard boys are more than a little competitive, who will be victorious? The choice is yours!



Name: George Shillito

Date of Birth: 

Main watersport:

Years on the water
: Since I can remember but about 12 windsurfing

Watersports level: 

3rd BWA Wave Championships 2010

6th BWA Wave 2011

Advanced, Senior Windsurf Instructor

Co-manager of the Polkerris Beach Company

Home town:

Current Location:
Polkerris Beach

Relationship status:
All loved up!


George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)


Name: Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray


Date of Birth: 26.01.1988


Main watersport: windsurfing


Years on the water:15


Watersports level: Pro


Home town: Fareham


Current Location: Fareham


Relationship status: taken by a Flow rider Ellie Ross



Alright boys, how are you?


G: All good; loving the mild winter this year, it’s the first one I have spent in the UK for some time and it’s just been pumping, don’t know what everyone complains about really! Haha!

M: Brill, thanks!


George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)

A bit of background information, when and where did you start windsurfing?


G: My first ever lesson was taught by my Dad who put me on a board on the opposite side of the bay from Daymer, Cornwall when I was eight during school holidays. My whole family windsurfed so I was super keen to get on and see what the hype was all about. To be honest it didn’t grab me straight away as we had an ancient, thin board and really heavy rig, but I battled on with it regardless mainly from the fear of being kicked out of the family! It wasn’t until I was 12 on one sunny afternoon in West Witterring (on an inflatable windglider??) followed by a week’s holiday in Vass when my life turned upside down; it was EPIC! At the end of the holiday I turned to my dad and stated that I would one day work there, he just laughed and wished me luck. Five years later I returned as a fully fledged instructor and sponsored windsurfer!


M: I’ m from Fareham town which is in-between Portsmouth and Southampton, near to where Chris Audsley, Jamie Hancock and Paul/Jack Hunt live. This made is quite a good place to start to windsurf, as there were a lot of good guys to watch when I was growing up. Before windsurfing I was into roller blading and trampolining haha, which I think has worked out well when learning to loop, as I had an idea about being upside down in the air!


I started windsurfing when I was 12, at Hill Head and have never looked back since. I always wanted to be a wave sailor like the local guys and Josh Stone, therefore I didn’t go down the racing route. Instead I headed straight from the harness and foot straps, into trying loops and willy skippers before thinking about gybing fast or any thing like that. I soon realised I wanted to be a pro, I started competing at junior level and seeing all the guys having so much fun I knew instantly that was what I wanted to do, and am now just starting to achieve the dream.

What was it about windsurfing that made you stick with it over other sports? 


G: What isn’t there to like! I’ve always loved the ocean and have been near it or in it since I was tiny, so windsurfing gave me an excuse to hang out at the beach all day (and eventually) everyday!! It’s such a social sport and one of the few extreme sports in which you can meet the guys you see in the mags and they’ll actually stop and chat. Plus it’s a round the world ticket to hang out in some of the most amazing beaches in the world….like I said who wouldn’t stick with it?!


M: Windsurfing is a great sport that is full of fantastic people all doing it because they love the sport. Up to the highest level and at the top end of the spectrum you can see people doing some crazy moves jumping up to great heights using the sails like wings and the waves as jump ramps to soar up to incredible heights, then angling their sail like a sycamore seed in the wind to spin and loop down to the raging ocean below. Riding big waves without the aid of a jet ski, just using natures power to the highest level, it really is a spectacle not too be missed. Get to your local lake or sailing club,  pick up a board and sail, once you feel the rush you wont look back!


George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)


Why do you love windsurfing? And why do you think more women should get into the sport?


G: It’s not like most sports where everyone turns up followed by a mad hour whilst a game is played then everyone packs up and goes home. Windsurfing is way more chilled and every time you head to the beach it is looked at as more of a day out with no time restraints, to chill out with friends old and new and push each other on the water no matter what level you are. I love it for the outdoor, active lifestyle it allows me to have and if I’m accompanied by girls whilst I do it then that’s even better!! 


M: Fun and all my friends are involved. I love windsurfing because it’s awesome feeling the power of the wind and waves. I love the sea and it means I can travel loads, more people should do it because it’s epic!


What valuable lessons have you learnt from the women in your life? 


G: Coming home wind-blasted with your hands cut to shreds, shattered and covered in salt IS sexy after all!!


M: They are the boss usually haha!


You must be surrounded by some very talented windsurfers, what women have you seen out there recently that were really ripping? 


G: Muzza! Haha! No, honestly I was really impressed by the turn out of the girls down at the Gwithian competition and even more so by how they all hit the water as it wasn’t a day for the light-hearted and they put most of the guys to shame!


M: All the flow girls where at Cornwall  (BWA) and Poole  (British freestyle champs), they where shredding it up! 


G: Because if you ever catch me having a quiet or still moment then you should consider yourself very privileged indeed! I’m usually bouncing off the walls so when I hit the water I take all my enthusiasm and energy with me whether I’m free-sailing, competing or teaching and make the most of every moment I get on the water. 


M: Better than George because his guns are painted on ….


George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)

Aside from modesty, what personal qualities put you above your competitors?


G: As aforesaid I have a whole heap of energy not just for windsurfing but for everything life has to throw at me, so love new challenges and if that challenge is making sure my girl is happy then all my energy goes into pleasing her! Plus it means I normally have a bit of energy left in the tank for when I get home if you get my drift (wink wink)….

M: If I’m having fun I sail better, so have to be having fun to sail well.

How would you impress a waterwoman? 


G: Well my girlfriend is fast becoming a waterwoman and to impress her I windsurfed for 25 hours solidly and raised a heap of cash for W4CR…seemed to do the job!


M: We’ll go surfing, would be fun waves followed by awesome beach bbq some pina coladas, mojito, may be a sex on the beach, all names of great cocktails we could have before disco hahah.

Guys might be stronger than girls, but girls are......


G: Always right (even when they’re not)


M: Better looking, they’ve got style and smell great.




George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)

One thing you will never understand about women…


G: Why they say they shouldn’t eat something (eg. Cake) and then go ahead and eat it anyway! 

M: Buying jewellery seems illogical, and creams,  you use so many creams, what are they all for?

When you realise the person who bottom turns cleaner than you is a woman you think......


G: WOOOOO – that was awesome! SH*T; I’ll pretend this wave was no good and head out back for another, oh and maybe spend some time adjusting my footstraps for no reason! Haha!

M: Epic. 


Would you rather have endless wealth but nobody to share it with, or be head over heels in love and totally broke? 


G: The latter, some would say I’m not far from achieving that now (especially after my recent ski trip).


M: Think broke if I lived on a beach not in a city, not great in cities.

George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)


Which of the following would you give up if you had to sex or windsurfing?


G: Windsurfing; that’s why other watersports were invented!

M: Sex

If a girl asked you for some help rigging up her kit would you

a)jump at the chance and have the kit tuned up and ready to go before she can get her wetsuit on

b)give her a helping hand, while chatting to her about windsurfing

c)be talked into it with the promise of copius amounts of beer

d)ask her to stop winding you up as you know she is more than capable of rigging up herself

G: B

M: it usually starts with D but ends up with A every time as its easier and faster to do it myself!


The last month has been windless, flat and raining, Saturday is fast approaching and the forecast is looking awesome, windy, perfect swell, and sunshine, but then your computer calendar pops up reminding you there is a very important family gathering on the same day. What do you do? 

a)give windsurfing a miss, family are the most important thing

b)get up ridiculously early, go for a sunrise windsurf and make it just in time

c)get a decent windsurf session in, but cut it a bit short, turn up fashionably late, your family know you well enough to understand

d)call up on Saturday morning, put on your best ‘I’m really sick’ voice, while hoping they haven’t checked the weather forecast

G: B

M: C

George (left) and Muzza (right)George (left) and Muzza (right)


Watersports girls rock because.... 


G: They’ll get involved and stuck in to just about anything!

M: They’re so much fun woo yeah!

Why do you deserve to win the battle of the Hunks?


G: It’s been my life-long ambition; would YOU (yes, you) deny me that?!! Haha!

M: Because George's photos have been photo shopped from 300 the movie honest hahah!