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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

About us


FLOW UPDATE: latest news and round up of year 1 at  


Amy Carter windsurfer and watersports fanatic has created FLOW (For Ladies Of Watersports) and with the purpose of:

  • providing an online resource where women can access and feedback information about watersports from a females perspective.

  • creating an informal, friendly, confidence building club atmosphere which every woman involved in watersports can feel part of.

  • providing opportunities to help women learn, develop, enjoy and achieve together in their sport.


FLOW is a British based group set up by watersports enthusiast Amy Carter, to encourage more females into the sports she loves, aswell as maintaining and increasing participation of women already in watersports. The group is focused on increasing the numbers of British women in watersports such as windsurfing, surfing, SUP, sailing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding to name but a few, however much of the information on the site is relevant to females all over the world, the movement is international!


‘There is no doubt that most watersports are a male dominated, but there are a fair few of us ladies out there! We just need to come together, create our own voice amidst the baritones and build a community where we can share and learn from each other. I hope FLOW will be the catalyst for this process, as Aristotle once said ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.’ Amy Carter.  


First stepping on a windsurfing board age 10, Amy has years of experience competing, instructing and working in the watersports industry, as well as many more simply enjoying the sports. Throughout these years Amy has gathered a wealth of knowledge, and built friendships with many other females in the industry  both across the UK and worldwide. Fed up with the majority of the windsurfing media and industry being male driven, Amy decided to create a place where women can communicate freely, and influence the windsurfing world.


Amy in her FLOW hoodyAmy in her FLOW hoodySince being launched in June 2010 FLOW has gone from strength to strength, becoming well known and respected in the industry. The potential of the group soon became apparent, and the move to covering all watersports was a natural progression.


'Most female windsurfers are not just windsurfers, we love anything that can get us out on the water and keep us fit and healthy. I wanted FLOW to reflect this, and promote the lifestyle we are all passionate about.' Amy Carter


Go with the FLOW - get women on the water gathers information provided by and for females involved in watersports, whether you are interested in trying a sport, are surrounded by watersports fanatics, or are a seasoned pro we hope there will be articles relevant to you.

The website aims to be as interactive as possible


means you can be involved, become part of the community and:

upload photos to the gallery on and off the water, from uphauling to looping 

send in questions especially the ones men can’t answer and 

articles and ideas we all have knowledge and experiences that others can learn from 

talk to us and other FLOW users through article comments

sign up to the FLOW newsletter for all the latest news and info on the site

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Your feedback is valued, under every article posted on FLOW you have the ability to comment, use this function as much as possible so we can modify future articles to include what you like and discard what you don’t! It is also the perfect place to communicate with fellow females in watersports, as is the FLOW facebook group.


GUYS don’t be put off by the name, you can get involved. Although the information is aimed at women, there may well be things you can learn from the site too. And of course you can help support women’s watersports by encouraging the women you know onto the site and into the sports.



A key aspect of is providing information women specifically care about, whether it be finding the perfect fitting wetsuit and bikini or the best hair conditioner to undo the damage from last weekend on the water, if are business that would like to promote relevant products or advertise on the website please drop us an email it is always great to hear from companies that share our passion for promoting women’s sport.


Do you want to be a Friend of FLOW? FLOW members benefit from some great deals from companies both within and outside of the watersports industry, it is a great way of introducing women to your products and pushing your brand name, as well as showing your support for female watersports. Contact us with any suggestions of how we can work together!


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