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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Severne Girls On Top


Taking a glance at the results from the PWA World Wave Tour event in Pozo this summer, it is great to see a rise in numbers of women competing but what really stands out is the dominance of the Severne team riders. The top 4 girls, Daida and Iballa Moreno, Karin Jaggi and Nayra Alonso are all sailing on the Aussie brand and FLOW wants to find out why.


Could it just be coincidence, or is it that the sails are simply great for wave sailing girls? Is it the companies support for women’s windsurfing? Would the top 4 be the top 4 no matter what sails they are on, or do their chosen Severne sails give them the edge?


We catch up with the Severne ladies in the hope of understanding more:


What first attracted you to Severne?


Nayra:I joined Severne in think in 2005. I always saw Severne as a very different, new and radical sail brand, and also seeing the people that was part of the brand, made me think it would be an awesome brand to be part of. Then, I went to Australia and got the chance of using their sails and loved them, and since then it has been really good! 


Karin: The personal atmosphere of the brand, by then the small team (things changed a little since then), the fact that they are based in Australia where I spend every winter and the best wave sails I ever tried.


Daida: Iballa and I were looking for a revolutionary sail brand that inspired and made us feel in a cool team environment. Obviously Severne was the best option. When we first contacted them they didn't doubt for a second, they wanted to work with us. This feeling is unique, when you have this empathy with a company everything runs by itself. 


Iballa: We were looking for a company like Severne because they are small company that work really close together with the team riders, a great sail designer like Ben, who is a great windsurfer as well! And this could only mean it’s a company that will be  growing  together with all the riders...


Nayra Alonso: photo credits Batel Shimi and Franck Berthuot

Nayra Alonso: photo credits Batel Shimi and Franck Berthuot  


What sails do you use and why? 


Nayra: Now I am using the SWATs. I totally love them and I think they are the perfect sails for light sailors and therefore for women. Before I used the Blades for many years, and also loved them, they are an awesome sail, but they are a bit too powerful for me. I don’t like feeling too much power on my hands and I hate being over powered, so when I tried the first SWAT protos, I was hooked! I literally beg them to make them in production!!! They are really light sails, and they have a bigger range of wind. You don’t get overpowered so quickly. Also, for onshore riding I think they really good, because of the shape of the bottom of the sail... Or at least that’s what I found!!!


Karin: Reflex for racing and S-1 for waves. I love the S-1 because it is so “neutral”, extremely light and has a huge wind range.


Daida: We used the S1 for 2010 as a first contact with Severne. It's a great soft sail, light feeling and neutral control. Now we changed to 2011 Blade, sick sail. Front hand power, perfect to control everything in all kind of wave conditions. Jumps and wave riding are definitely under control with this sail, with soft landings.


Iballa: Yes, blade for next season. Which are perfect and controllable sails!!! I also try to S1, lots more back hand power but feeling super light in your hands.


Karin JaggiKarin Jaggi

For you what sets Severne apart from the other sail brands? 


Nayra: I think the spirit of the company. The wave sails have been really, really good for years, and now they have stepped up on the race sails as well, so they have an amazing range of sails, but to me the main thing is the company and the team. They are pretty chilled and we have really good communication, that’s really important I think. 


Karin: That they are run by windsurfers that still love and live windsurfing. They’re probably more on the water than me! A company that is willing to try out new things, listen to feedback (not only to the top rider) and all of that creates a great team spirit.  


Daida: Severne is much more than a sail or a sail brand. It's a family that uses all their team riders to work and find the best solution for all the people around the world. They use the ultimate technology, with light components and revolutionary shapes, always for the best solution for the customer. Ben is the brain of the brand, easy to work with him and easy to connect, but there is also people working behind that makes everything runs smoothly. To work in this kind of environment is completely  luxury now days. 


Iballa: Daida is absolutely right! 


Daida Moreno: Photo credits ROJ and  R.P.C/MTwinsDaida Moreno: Photo credits R.P.C./MTwins

Would you recommend other women to use a Severne? if so which sails and why?


Nayra: Definitely. Not only the sails but the whole equipment! The rigs are pretty light and that makes a massive difference for women. I would recommend the SWATs because are the ones I love the most, but it depends on your way of sailing. Karin for example, she loves the S1s and probably will recommend them... So I think they can choose accordingly to their style. 


Karin: Really depends on the level and spot they want to sail. For radical wave sailing and ease-of-use high wind sails I love the S-1 – and I believe that should work perfect for just about any woman out there. For bigger freeride action I really can recommend the NCX – the ultimate combination between handling, early planning and speed. And then naturally when speed is everything the REFLEX. 


Daida: It is more than proved that Severne have the best top four wave sailors of the world. They support the girls cause they know there is an strong image and market behind, they are able to recognize this and give us a chance to progress. Severne uses light components that gives the girls a bigger chance to be able to enjoy windsurfing and specially improve faster. This is the best feeling of windsurfing in general, to come our off the water with a big smile and full of satisfaction, because at the end the most important is always to have fun!.


Iballa: To have top 4 women on the team means with no doubt it’s a recommended sail for not only women but also for men!! To be able to sail with a total control in your hands is the best feeling when you are out in the water....

Iballa Moreno: Photo credits RPC and MtwinsIballa Moreno: Photo credits R.P.C./MTwins