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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Super Shakes from Fit Body Fix


A Perfect & Speedy Way to Start the Day! Also a good pre / post windsurf or workout option...




25g Sunwarrior rice protein (or whey). Use choc or vanilla, depending on the recipe! Some can work with either.

OPTIONAL: 1 - 200ml Kara Dairy Free Coconut Milk (not the tinned stuff, use 50ml + water if you use that) or Mandorle Almond milk, or home-made almond / hemp milk, if you want to (all optional). If coconut water is listed, use this instead of the milk alternative.


Top up with water to the required consistency. Better to start with less water and gradually add more than go too watery - pretty hard to squeeze it out again...

For all shakes I recommend you add spices! I add cinnamon (helps regulate bloody sugar) and ginger (anti-inflammatory). Play with what you like! All spices are great for you.

* You can also add a greens mix or spirulina / barleygrass / wheatgrass and any additional powdered or liquid supplements. In addition to the greens, I add things like glutamine (for recovery / cravings), milk thistle (for liver health), MSM (good for joints), maca (hormone balancer) and ashwagandha (adaptogen / anti-stress) & 10 ml fish oil. Don’t stress about the supplements, though: focus on the basics first!

* If you use frozen fruit you don’t need ice, but otherwise do add some ice.

N.B. Use the best blender you can - a VitaMix is great, or a Magic Bullet / Hinari Genie.

Basic Berry: 50g frozen blueberries and / or raspberries.

Monster Green: 1/2 frozen banana, a handful frozen blueberries, and 4 chunks frozen spinach (honestly, try it, this is my daily shake (with all the extras listed above!)

Pumpkin Patch: 3 tbsp canned pumpkin puree - you can get this from me as I have loads! 1/2 tsp mixed spice (or cinnamon & nutmeg). Tsp vanilla extract or powder. Ice.


Choc Nut: Tbsp raw cacao powder (or regular cocoa) & tbsp almond (or peanut) butter. Ice.


Cinnamon-Walnut: 30g walnuts, tsp vanilla extract or powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, ice.


Brownie: Tbsp raw cacao. 200 ml coconut water (not milk). 30g walnuts. Tsp vanilla extract or powder. 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Ice.


Choc Banana: Tbsp raw cacao, 1/2 frozen banana.


Berry-Cherry: 100g frozen blueberries & 100g frozen cherries.


Tutti-Fruity: 1/2 banana, 100g frozen mango / berries etc!


Cocoa-Nutty: Tbsp raw cacao, 50ml coconut milk, 200 ml coconut water, ice.


Avo-Cucumer: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber, 200ml coconut water, ice, parsley.


Apple & Carrot: 200ml coconut water, carrot (peeled & chopped), 1/2 apple, 1/2 cucumber, cinnamon / nutmeg.


For more great recipes from Fit Body Fix and loads of great health, fitness and nutrition information and advice head to  


written by Caroline Radway