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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

September: Model Behaviour


Jesper Vesterstrøm is a HOT  name on the racing scene.

Posting some great results as well as giving the Ladies something eye catching on the beach. He is a true gentlemen, well respected model, professional windsurfer, oh and he's single! What more can you ask for Ladies? 

FLOW enjoys catching up with this true Hunk, make sure to read the article, not just look at the pictures (although that is pretty tempting!) as Jesper tells as all about his life and ambitions, with a bit of a sarcastic twist of course ;-)




Jesper Vesterstrøm

Date of Birth: 

25/10 - 1976

Years windsurfing: 


Windsurfing level: 


Home town: 


Current Location

Hamburg - Germany


Hi Jesper, how are you and where are you at the moment?


Pretty good thanks - sitting in a great hotel in Hamburg ( killing time, catching up on work...I am in Hamburg seeing my modeling agency and they send me out all day to see clients, something you gotta do in this business :-) ...Networking is everything these days.


So a bit of background information, when and where did you start windsurfing?


On a lake in Denmark, close to my home. One day walking with mum and dad on the beach and saw those epic colour full sails blasting a long with full speed - just had to try and I was hooked.


What was it about windsurfing that first got you hooked? 


I felt I was free and could do what ever I wanted. 


JesperHow did you get into racing, can you give us a run down of your racing history?


I started racing when I was 14 on Mistral Compettetion boards at local club matches. Later on it developed and I started racing and got a Mistral Equipe and quickly showed skills and won the Nordic Championships when I was 16 years old. Then I got into Course and slalom and let go of my beloved Equipe :-(

After High School I worked hard and went to Australia and started to train hard. In 1999 Formula came along, thank god, PWA was just for wealthy people who could afford too many boards and rigs :-). Formula was a great cheap concept.  I have been doing the Formula Circuit since and still enjoy it big time.

PWA also changed so its now a production class and its a lot easier to afford and enter and I have been doing a few of those events as well and that´s a lot of fun to - will for sure do more of that next year...

Results wise, well I had some  good years finishing on top of the Formula World Ranking list and had finished 2 and 3rd in a lot af Grand Prix´s and European Championships - Still trying for that 1st. place at the big events - it will come soon :-)


Your website is all about ‘Living the Dream’ what is the dream?


The Dream is to be able to make a living of my sport and feel free to do what ever I want. I am not like everyone else who goes by the "norms" and get an education and a pension, marriage, nice house, kids etc. We have one life and I wanna make the most out of it - having no regrets when getting old and looking back... I lost my dad to early and that really inspired my to live in the moment, pursue your dreams in a responsible way.

When I in an age of 18, just finished high school and claimed I wanted to make a living of windsurfing no one believed me. Few years later I open my own company and took copyright on "Living The Dream"... I managed to sell my dream to the corporate business world and made some very good money on that and even started to pay into a pension, who should have believed that :-)...Okay, so I am not selling a piece of paper, saying "live your dream". Its hard work and if you have a look at my website it will pretty much give you an idea on what I did. I believe everyone can do the same. Especially the girls, the are way more serious and organized than most and all you gotta do is be a bit creative...Its pretty simple - to make a brand out of a dream, you just gotta stand behind it and believe in it.


JesperJesperI understand that you are also an experienced model, can you tell us a bit more about that? How you got into it and where has it taken you?


Uh, yes... I realized the other day that I have been doing it for 15 years! So I guess that makes me pretty old or I started early :-)...

I was seen in a club when I was 18, some chick from an advertising agency wanted to use me for an ad and then I got an agency and from there it took of. Modeling is a different world, but fun and the money is Great! But - its nice to have something on the side - or as it was for me, modeling was what I did on the side, because I was making most of my money on windsurfing these last years.

Okay, the job is great, you get to travel a lot, met great people - not to mention the very beautiful girls I sometimes work with, yep its all good. But in the end of the day you realize that its all for the money - Windsurfing has been/is my life and thats where I really feel at peace. I love to teach and inspire others to do the same(not teaching beginners) . I have been doing plenty of speeches for the corporate business world about - believe or not - my dream. How I do it, motivate myself through self management and achieving top results, it’s a great felling when people actually get moved by it let themselves be inspired.

Nevertheless, this year I am going to New York for 2 months, just signed a contract today with a very good modeling agency and will leave in the beginning of october and stay until december. Then I have a few jobs in Europe and then off to Australia for 3 months, where I also have an agency and there I can windsurf at the same time - so its a great combo really. If it goes well, who knows where I will be next year :-) - just enjoying every day really.


Why do you love windsurfing? And why do you think more women should get into the sport?


It gives me the possibility to travel around the world and met great people. It also educates me in life I got a huge network from with sponsors - people know my skills and values through something I do for a living and call it my job, It cant be much better, I think.

Yes, more women in the sport please...wanna see some hot chicks in small bikinis :-) ... Hey, boys and girls are so different and girls have a different way of looking at things that could be great inspiration for some different dialogs on the beach - than just the odd windsurfing talk with the boys. 

Girls have a different impact on the media as well, and could be an attractive "tease" for the windsurfing to sell better around the globe. Like everything else in life - we need our women also in sport (except when it´s boys night out). Look at Allison (Shreeve) from Australia, she got it nailed down, doing TV shows etc. She won the world championship for years and actually made a great profile in her country.


JesperJesperWhat valuable lessons have you learnt from the women in your life (windsurfing related or otherwise)?


That I have no patience teaching a girlfriend windsurfing - I try, but just wanna go out there myself. Even if its the one I love - its hard :-) 

And I learnt that life with a woman is all about compromise - maybe that´s why I am now single traveling around living my dream - but one day I will settle with the girl of my dreams and start to compromise in life :-)


You must be surrounded by some very talented windsurfers, what women really impress you on the race course?


What I am impressed the most off, is not the woman that are skilled - okay thats great. No, its more the ones that stand there alone, rock up and enter an event and keep trying and trying - that impress me a lot. It must be hard to be the only girl around guys I could imagine. 

Just to add, then I must admit the RS.X girls are very impressive too - a little to fit - but they got skills and that´s impressive. 


Guys might be stronger than girls, but girls are....

So Attractive 


One thing you will never understand about women… 

The time they spend on themselves


When you realise the person over taking you on the run to the finish is a girl you think.....

Uff, lets not go there - had a bad experience once, she was ahead the whole time. It was on the RS.X - pretty frustrating in 3 knots of wind - cant really beat her on speed...Yep I got beaten by a chick - just like all the guys in Australia when Allison Shreeve kick their butt!



Would you rather have endless wealth but nobody to share it with, or be head over heels in love and totally broke? 

Head over heels and a little wealth would work for me - have no desires to get a fancy car or a big house...Just wanna be happy, healthy and live the moment..


Which of the following would you give up if you had to, drinking, sex or windsurfing?  

Drinking - choosing between the other 2 is not fair. Maybe cut away the "Drinking" for the next "hunk of the month" and see what you get out of that, sure that would be a real test...



JesperIf a girl asked you for some help rigging up her kit would you

a)jump at the chance and have the kit tuned up and ready to go before she can get her wetsuit on

b)give her a helping hand, while chatting to her about windsurfing

c)be talked into it with the promise of copius amounts of beer

d)ask her to stop winding you up as you know she is more than capable of rigging up herself


Depends on the girl. Was she a girlfriend - for sure a big "D" - To see guys jump around for their girls is just sad :-), but was it some new potential "love affair" then  "A"... And was she just any girl asking it would probably be "b" but not talking to much about windsurfing...

It all depends on the girl ...


The last month has been windless, flat and raining, Saturday is fast approaching and the forecast is looking awesome, windy, perfect swell, and sunshine, but then your computer calendar pops up reminding you there is a very important family gathering on the same day. What do you do?    


a)give windsurfing a miss, family are the most important thing

b)get up ridiculously early, go for a sunrise windsurf and make it just in time

c)get a decent windsurf session in, but cut it a bit short, turn up fashionably late, your family know you well enough to understand

d)call up on Saturday morning, put on your best ‘I’m really sick’ voice, while hoping they haven’t checked the weather forecast


It would be a "B"...I set my Family very hight on my "priority list" and when I home its usually for social visits...But if the conditions are there, up early and away :-)


Windsurfing girls rock because.... 

You inspire other girls to join the sport - and we want more women :-), keep it up, you are doing a great job...


Jesper is sponsored by:



If Forsikring


Thanks a lot Jesper, really good to chat, hopefully see you on a beach in the UK sometime!


Photo credits - Image 1 John Carter, Images 2 and 5 Pete Ruppert.