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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

November: Harness Me Up


Sam Ross is the Dorset born windsurfer, coach and trainer is returning to these shores after years traveling the world and passing on his significant amount of on water knowledge.


Sam is really making a name for himself in the industry having recently managed Neilsons Dahab centre, he now has his mind firmly set on developing windsurfing as much as he can in the UK. Having graced the cover of Boards mag, FLOW thought it was about time to find out more about the talented stud with a heart:

Name:Sam Ross


Date of Birth: 



Years windsurfing: 



Windsurfing level:  



Home town: 

Ferndown, Dorset


Current Location: 

In transit back to the UK!


Hi Sam, how are you?


Pretty good thanks, looking forward to getting back to the UK, although dreading the cold!


So a bit of background information, when and where did you start windsurfing?


Started in Poole Harbour, when I was 15. My Dad tried to teach me but I dropped the mast on his head so we got professional help.


What is our favourite discipline and why?


Any discipline that can get me on the water, mainly freestyle/waves because there is always a new way to fall in!


Where in the world has windsurfing taken you, has it been for work or play?


Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Canary islands,  mostly for work with Neilson and a bit with Boards magazine but there has always been a large amount of play involved.


What to you are the best bits of working in the windsurfing industry, how has your career developed and what advice would you give to others looking to go down the same route?


People in the sport because  windsurfers are a great bunch of people and you are always dealing with them when they are having a lovely old time!


I started doing taster sessions in Poole harbour, going on to teach abroad, run centres and now train instructors as well. 


My advise would be absorb as much information as you can, you’ll learn something off almost everyone you meet.


What is next for you, on and off the water?


Basing myself back in the UK to and do as much  within the industry as possible, looking to help develop more juniors and adults in the sport through schemes with the RYA like OnBoard and doing instructor training and development. I’ll also be running a range of personal training and clinics in the UK and overseas.


What are you most memorable moments in windsurfing?


Becoming an advanced plus instructor trainer.


Getting on the front cover of Boards Magazine.


Why do you love windsurfing? And why do you think more women should get into the sport?


Windsurfing fully absorbs you so that when you’re on the water you haven't got a care in the world, outside of what’s going on at the time! It's also one of the few individual sports where you feel like you’re in a team.


What valuable lessons have you learnt from the women in your life (windsurfing related or otherwise)? 


My greatest windsurfing inspiration was a female - Rachael Med - because when I first started windsurfing I really struggled, couldn’t do it, didn’t like it, I persevered because of the enthusiasm and talent she had! I thought there must be something to it.



On the 2nd May 2010 Sam and John Palmer (potential future hunk, what do you think ladies?) undertook a pretty impressive feat of completely 50 forwards in a day, all in aid of charity W4CR. The challenge was made all the more astonishing by the boys choice sporting attire, check out the video for a round up, and hold your breath ladies you're in for a treat!



W4CR 50 loop challenge from John Palmer on Vimeo.



You must be surrounded by some very talented windsurfers, what women have you seen out there recently that were really ripping? 


I have been working out in Dahab for the last year and the standard here is extremely high in the men and the women . Its quite often the style of the girls that impresses me. Danielle Lucas for example has been working out here, her spocks look effortless which is definitely not how mine look!  


What other sports do you enjoy when the wind doesn’t blow? 


Windsurfing - still love it in light winds, SUP.


Guys might be stronger than girls, but girls are...


a lot better looking in a bikini!


One thing you will never understand about women…


if you ask how they are, they answer ok and what that ok really means.


When you realise the person pulling of cleaner flakas than you is a woman you think...... 


I'd think it was awesome, but I might start doing a different move instead.


Would you rather have endless wealth but nobody to share it with, or be head over heels in love and totally broke?


Pretty happy with the one i have at the moment and I’m definitely not rich.


Which of the following would you give up if you had to sex or windsurfing? 


Depends how often and regular the other one was!!!


If a girl asked you for some help rigging up her kit would you


a)jump at the chance and have the kit tuned up and ready to go before she can get her wetsuit on

b)give her a helping hand, while chatting to her about windsurfing

c)be talked into it with the promise of copius amounts of beer

d)ask her to stop winding you up as you know she is more than capable of rigging up herself


B - a bit of windsurfing chat on the beach is all part of a good session!



The last month has been windless, flat and raining, Saturday is fast approaching and the forecast is looking awesome, windy, perfect swell, and sunshine, but then your computer calendar pops up reminding you there is a very important family gathering on the same day. What do you do? 


a)give windsurfing a miss, family are the most important thing

b)get up ridiculously early, go for a sunrise windsurf and make it just in time

c)get a decent windsurf session in, but cut it a bit short, turn up fashionably late, your family know you well enough to understand

d)call up on Saturday morning, put on your best ‘I’m really sick’ voice, while hoping they haven’t checked the weather forecast


C - because most of the rest of my family would be on the water anyway and we could all concoct an excuse together!


Sam Ross coaching at Aussie KissWindsurfing girls rock because.... 


They understand what’s wrong with you when you go on about windsurfing all the time!!!!


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