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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Boost Your Balance


The Indo Board is an amazing way of working on your balance, core stability and agility.


These are of course key fitness components for all windsurfers, surfers, skateboarders and many other sports people, as well as being very beneficial in day to day life.


FLOW has stumbled upon some great videos displaying a few ways you can use an Indo Board.


First up is Mallory Turner showing off some awesome tricks...



Followed by how Indo Boards are making there way into the fitness arena, in particular with Fitness First putting on specific Indo Board classes, and don't worry you don't need to be up with Mallory's tricks! The classes are aimed at everyone, including those with no experience on a board, or with any board sports. 

This is just an introduction to the Indo Board, FLOW will soon feature a full run down of this great piece of kit, what you can do with it and how it can benefit you. In the meantime enjoy the videos and find out more on