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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Sailor turned Surfer: end of Fiji and onto NZ!


Alice learnt to sail at a young age, combining dingy racing and big boat sailing. She has a love for many other sports, on the water and off, and is intent on learning a few new things this year, including wakeboarding, kitesurfing and perfecting cartwheels!


Alice and Amy (Carter) met working in Antigua in 2007, quickly becoming firm friends they imparted their watersports knowledge on eachother, Alice improving her windsurfing, and Amy finally being persuaded to learn to sail.  


Alice will travel with Amy through America, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia (west and east coasts) and Singapore on a mission to get out on the water, progress and of course have as much fun as possible.


She will document the journey right here on FLOW...



Saturday, 29th January 2011

The last few days have been really chilled out as the weather has not been that great, with on and off heavy rain storms and a bit of wind. Amy has been out windsurfing and I have been once and gave up! Played a few more games of scrabble and Uno! Fun fun fun!!! Also been trying to avoid the mosquitos although this is not really happening, very annoying. Making plans now to move on and see some more of Fiji. Will up date soon!



FijiFijiSunday, 30th January 2011


Ruth's sister came over from Suva to visit so we we all went snorkeling and saw some brightly colored little fish and some more blue star fish which we held. The rest of the day was spent playing cards and watching films. Also we have finally decided to leave the next morning and where planing our way back. Ruth's sister offered to take us down to Suva and drop us of at The Raintree Lodge which we were incredibly grateful for! Nice car, definitely much quicker and nicer than the local bus!!  We settled ourselves in to the Lodge and had a bite to eat on the terrace next to the small lake and looked at all the fish and the boats made of recycled plastic bottles!  Once our food had gone down we went for a walk in to the forest where there were natural pools and waterfalls. We took about 2 hours walking around and having a swim in the the pool near the biggest waterfall and taking some very funny video clips of Amy talking about her website while being attacked by the waterfall! 


Alice at the Beach HouseAlice at the Beach HouseMonday, 31st January 2011 


We decided to move on and make our way half way back to Nadi. We had a look through the Lonely Planet and pick a place called The Beach House which was just west of Pacific Harbour. We got a taxi in to Suva and got some food and water and then got the bus. The Beach House was a beach side resort with dorms, pool and use of kayaks. It was surrounded by coconut trees and pretty flowers. The rest of the day was just spent by the pool and a having a nap! In the evening we went to the bar to have some cocktails I choose a Pink Lady and Amy had a Rumbarr! Both where very strong. Amy being rubbish at drinking couldn't drink hers and opted to try putting some ice in it to make it more bearable and she still couldn't drink it!! As I didn't want it to go to waist, I had the rest!!! Our room mates where two german girls. 


Tuesday, 1st February 2011


Another day just chilling out on the beach and by the pool also a bit of kayaking. As there was free Wifi I rang my Mum to tell her I was still alive and fine! Also looked at hiring a van for New Zealand and where to go. This took AGES as all pretty expensive and both of us  are VERY indecisive! We didn't book one! Will try in New Zealand when we are there! In the afternoon I treated myself to a full body massage for only $20 (Approx £7!!) Very nice! Apart from the birds that had mad a nest in the roof above me and were coming in an out of the hole to feed the chicks right above my head! 


Wednesday, 2nd February 2011


Headed up to Nadi on the bus in the morning and got to Nadi Bay Resort Hotel early afternoon where once again we just chilled by the pool as we were flying in the next day. In the evening we walked down the road to a local Indian and Thai resturant which was AMAZING!! And had Gluten free options!! I had a chicken tikka and Amy had vegetables with cashews. Both feeling very full we waddled back to the resort and watched a movie before bed!


Thursday, 3rd February  2011 - Good bye Fiji, Hello New Zealand!




Had breakfast and I actually got some fruit papaya, pineapple, melon and banana!! Got a taxi to the airport all checked in fine and had a look around the shops. We went to have some pumpkin soup and it was horrid so took it back after Amy had all my garlic bread and hers!! They gave us a full refund worth of snacks for the plane! Peanuts, starburst, crisps and some fruit/nut bars!! Win for us!! The plane was fine apart from having to just have the inside of a chicken sandwich as our booking didn't show that I was gluten free!!

We got to NZ with NO plan on where to stay or what to do so picked up every leaflet we could find. Once through arrivals we headed straight to the information desk and called a few hostels and backpacker places. We settled for Nomads which was in the center on town and had dorm rooms and a kitchen. 

Nomads was ok very busy and full of 18 year olds that want to be drunk every min of the day and night!! Not really our cup of tea, goodness that sounds like I am old!!!


Friday 4th February 2011


The search for a van was on!! Picked up all the leaflets we had collected from the airport and managed to get a really good deal after calling loads of people! They were flying us down to Christchurch for free to pick up the van as they had to many down there and now needed people to drive them back. We spent the rest of the day just chilling around Auckland. We walked up the pier and then watched some of the sevens rugby on the TV at the hostel where we got the van from. We got to the airport and checked in to 'Jet star' the NZ equivalent to easy jet I guess. We arrive in to Christchurch and get met by the people from the van company that took us back to there house to pick the van up and sign all the documents. With all of that done we get into the van and head off. As it was getting pretty late it was to far to drive to a campsite so we went and got some food and tried to find the place that the lady had suggested near a park and that had public toilets. It took us about an hour to find but so happy when we got there as we were both pretty sleepy! 


Cable BayCable BaySaturday 5th - Thursday 10th February 2011


Woke up at about 9am with so many cars parked around us, looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards I climbed out of the van found some clothes and we set off. We decided to head south and find somewhere on the way down to Queenstown. The next few days where filled with a lot of driving all the way around the south island and also a trip to the Doctors for me as my ankle that I had cut when in Fiji had now gone septic so I was put on anti-biotics. Oh the joy! The south island is absolutely beautiful with pine forests and turquoise waters so glad we go the opportunity to drive the south as well.  We also stopped at a place called Hanmer Springs for a lazy day sitting in hot pools and enjoying the sun. I loved Queenstown and think I could definitely  live there.


Friday 11th Febuary 2011


Yay today we where off to north island. We spent the morning looking around Picton and enjoying the views of the south for the last time before we went to get the ferry. The ferry was a pretty boring time stupidly didn't bring anything to do so just sat around for 3-ish hours eating and watching cartoons! We were the 3rd car to get of the ferry and I had arranged to meet my friend who lives in Wellington, Louise at the arrivals but we took the wrong turning and ended up on a road out of town in pretty busy traffic! Finally we managed to turn around and make it back as the last cars where coming off the ferry!  We followed Louise back to the house which was lovely. Had a shower and then had some food and got ready for a night out in Wellington! We went up to Rosie's (a friend of Louise) Between 3 of us (Amy again staying sober!) we devoured a little too much Absolute berry vodka then head out about half 1-ish!! Town was good, well the parts I can remember! 


Beginning of the night!Beginning of the night!Saturday 12th February 2011 


Spent ALL day in bed recovering from the night before, OMG don't think I have had a hangover as bad for years! Just had to sleep through my headache which finally went when I woke up at 8 pm! What a waste of a day! The eve was spent eating a greasy fry up and watching family guy and having a good old chat with Louise. 


Sunday 13th February 2011


Catching up on what I hadn't written on this, as it had been nearly a week! Woops! Qatched Blue crush and Wimbeldon! Nice relaxed sunday with the sun shinning. we then headed into town and went to Starbucks for Amy to go on the internet then back home for a BBQ, NOM NOM!!!! Steak, sausages, chicken, Veggie kebabs, potato salad, followed by an episode of Gossip girl!! Perfect chilled sunday!! 


Until next time!