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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

May: The Welsh Wonder


Since broadening our watersports horizons, FLOW can now undertake a much wider search for the ultimate hunk. 


Stepping away from windsurfing and into the surfing world we have stumbled upon the extremely toned torso, belonging to former European Longboard Champion Elliot Dudley. Dividing his time between studying Law and Politics and working with Surfers Against Sewage, as well as of course surfing and keeping fit Elliot seems like one of the most well rounded surfers out there, judge for yourselves Ladies....



Elliot Dudley


Date of Birth: 




Surfer/Guide at TYF Adventure St.Davids



Surfing and Stand up Paddle


Years on the water: 



Watersports level: 

Not too bad


Home town: 



Current location: 

St. Davids


Relationship status: 





































Hi Elliot, how are you? 


Very well! We’ve just had a really nice run of swell and nice weather, it’s flat now but it’s a good chance to rest!



So a bit of background information, where did you grow up? And how did you get into surfing? 


I grew up in Newport, South Wales. I got into surfing having grown up watching my uncle surf. He’s been doing it since the early 70s and so from a young age I was pestering my parents and him to get me a board. I had a bodyboard from age 5 and eventually got my first surfboard when I was 8. I got into longboarding when I was about 10, it was always really small in the summer so I started to borrow one of my dad’s longboards. After School I moved to Cardiff where I lived whilst surfing professionally for 4 years. Then in 2007 I began studying Law and Politics in Cardiff University. Since graduating last summer have been traveling and I am now working as a guide at TYF in St. Davids,



How quickly did you get into competitive surfing and what have been your career highlights?


I started competing when I was 12, mainly in local club contests and then the BLU tour. My best results are winning the European Longboard Championships twice, 3 British titles and 6 Welsh titles. 



You now compete in SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing) including on the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) tour, what made you move across into this sport? What are the plus points of SUP over surfing and vice versa? 


I don’t really compete in SUP wave events. I do a few of the races as it’s a nice change from surf events. It’s far more objective than a surf contest, you’re either first across the line or you’re not! I still would rather surf if there are waves, the thing I love about flat water paddling is that it’s a great way to keep fit when there’s no waves which is quite frequent here!



You competed in the London Indoor SUP sprints, what was it like competing in such an arena? What other events are you looking forward to this year? 


It was a great fun event and I think as a format it has a lot of potential to bring SUP to new audiences. One of the main events I am looking forward to is Paddle Round the Pier in Brighton. It will be the fourth time I’ve done it and it seems to get bigger and better every year. 


For more on Paddle Round the Pier check out 


Check out FLOWs coverage of the 2011 London Boat Show, Elliot is heavily featured, almost taking victory from John Hibbard.



Surfers Against Sewage are a great charity you have supported for a while, can you tell us a little more about what they do and how you have been involved?  


SAS are an amazing organisation, they do so much to represent the interests of all water users in the UK by raising awareness of pollution as well as protecting access to our best surf spots. They are currently campaigning hard to increase information on CSOs (Combined Sewer Overflow) so that the public can be made aware if they are releasing harmful waste into the seas around the UK. Last summer I paddled across the English Channel to raise money for SAS and overall we raised over £10,000.


For more on the fantastic work of SAS head to 



How do you spend most of you time off the water? And besides surfing, what else is important in your life? 


I spend most of my time in the water surfing, at the moment I am riding mainly single fin longboards and fishes. When it’s flat I’ll either do some flatwater paddling on my Nidecker 12’6” all water race or some circuit training if the weather’s really crap!



































Guys might be stronger than girls, but girls are...... more graceful


One thing you will never understand about women…everything!


When you realise the person who paddled past you is a woman you think...... I should probably paddle faster and cut out the beer! 


Would you rather have endless wealth but nobody to share it with, or be head over heels in love and totally broke? Definitely the latter.


Which of the following would you give up if you had to, sex or surfing? Sex probably, I’m pretty obsessed with surfing.


If a girl asked you for some help sorting out her surf board would you

a)jump at the chance and have the kit tuned up and ready to go before she can get her wetsuit on

b)give her a helping hand, while chatting to her about surfing THIS ONE!

c)be talked into it with the promise of copius amounts of beer

d)ask her to stop winding you up as you know she is more than capable of rigging up herself



The last month has been windless, flat and raining, Saturday is fast approaching and the forecast is looking awesome, perfect swell, and sunshine, but then your computer calendar pops up reminding you there is a very important family gathering on the same day. What do you do?    

a)give surfing a miss, family are the most important thing

b)get up ridiculously early, go for a sunrise surf and make it just in time

c)get a decent surf session in, but cut it a bit short, turn up fashionably late, your family know you well enough to understand. Probably this one! My family know me really well and are all super cool!

d)call up on Saturday morning, put on your best ‘I’m really sick’ voice, while hoping they haven’t checked the swell forecast


Watersports girls rock because.... They can actually understand why I’m so bloody useless at committing to anything!


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