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27th of April 2012

Easter weekend saw the annual round hayling island race take place, light winds but glorious sunshine kicked the season off in style for this, and the BSA racing that followed. [more]

Scottish WIndfest Ambassador: Holly Kennedy

uruau railey fun .JPG

FLOW catches up with pro kitesurfer and ambassador for the Scottish Windfest to find out more about the fantastic event, and the sport she loves. 


How long have you been kitesurfing and how did you get into the sport?


I have been kitesurfing for 3 years now. My dad and brother have always been into big wave windsurfing, then kitesurfing came along and my brother got hooked on it straight away. He then taught me :)



Why do you love it? 


I love kitesurfing because it makes you feel nice and free out in the fresh air. It is exhilarating to do jumps and tricks.



Why would you suggest more girls get out on the water? 


Come on the girls :) I suggest more girls should get into kitesurfing as it is lots of fun! Many girls think you need to be strong but you don’t! Anyone can do it. :) With kitesurfing you get to explore many nice places with wonderful beaches. And there are lots of HOT guy surfers so that is a bonus! haha.



What is the kiting and watersports scene like up in Scotland, and where exactly are you based? 


The kitesurfing scene is definitely growing! We can have up to 30 kiters on a busy day. For watersports in general in Scotland I would say in the summer it is very popular. However, in the winter it is pretty quiet. I am based in Troon on the West Coast of Scotland. It is a lovely spot! We have two beaches that take almost every wind direction.



How are you involved in the up and coming Scottish Windfest? 


I am the Professional Woman Kitesurf Ambassador. I will be doing some interviews with newspapers,magazines,radio,tv to promote the Scottish Windfest and hopefully get more people to come along and join the full-filled fun weekend.



What will there be for novice and experienced watersports women to do there? 


There will be a chance to try kitesurfing and windsurfing if you haven't yet! And if you are already experienced then you can come along and surf with some professionals and check out the awesome spot!



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